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AUTHENTIC Bulgarian Taste at a really good price

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About Bulgarea

Yogurt, white brined cheese and yellow cheese (kashkaval) have always been part of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Prepared and consumed in our lands since ancient times, today they are a cause for pride and even national cultural value.

Therefore, the condition to be produced according to a traditional Bulgarian recipe, in Bulgaria, is mandatory for most of our compatriots.

Bulgarea dairy products are made with starter culture from live Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus, which determine the authentic, balanced taste.

In combination with the unique Bulgarian nature and the fresh Bulgarian milk, the excellent qualities of the cheese, yellow cheese and yogurt are guaranteed.

Thus, Bulgarea gives each dish the characteristic and irreplaceable taste that everyone in the family enjoys.

Bulgarea - for Delicious Memories!

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Bulgarian Milk Products - Bulgarea Shivica


Bulgarian Milk Products - White Wave
 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Strained yogurt with 10% fat content

 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Yogurt with 4,5% fat

 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Yellow Cheese - Kashkaval


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