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Yellow Cheese - Kashkaval

Vacuum packaging Bulgarian State Standard

The unique Bulgarian nature, real Bulgarian cow's milk and starter culture with Lactobacillus bulgaricus are prerequisites for the taste of well-ripened Bulgarea yellow cheese - Kashkaval.

It is prepared from cow's milk, according to the Bulgarian State Standard (BDS).

To offer your family always the best!

Bulgarea - Hero BG

Ingredients And

Защо Булгареа?

  • Natural product
  • No artificail dyes and additives
  • Without palm and other vegetable fats
Bulgarea - bulgarian milk products - White Wave
 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Strained yogurt with 10% fat content

 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Yogurt with 4,5% fat

 - Bulgarea
White Wave - Bulgarea

Yellow Cheese - Kashkaval